Through a Mother’s Eyes with @paperlemon

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For Instagrammer Jessica Girado (@paperlemon), a mom to four young children in Fort Myers, Florida, a habit of taking pictures developed into a passion for capturing the beautiful moments in her children’s lives.

Though the idea of having four children was a totally foreign concept to Jessica and her husband when they married eight years ago, life took them in a different direction and she couldn’t be happier. “Here we are, raising four kids and absolutely love it!” says Jessica. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Though not a photographer by trade, Jessica cites her life as a stay-at-home mom as the spark for her ability to find and capture beauty in the everyday. From beachside tea parties to doctor’s appointments, Jessica is at the ready with her iPhone to capture the magic of being a mom. As she puts it, “One can easily complain about the frustrations and failures we have as mothers. It’s real life—but I want to capture the beauty of life, the beauty of being a stay-at-home, the beauty of a simple thing such as light shining through my window. Some of the sweetest comments I’ve received are, ‘I can’t wait to become a mother,’ and I hope people see that although being a mother is the hardest job one will ever have, it’s the best and most beautiful one.”

In addition to creating a beautiful record of her family, Jessica has also connected with a supportive community of moms worldwide through Instagram. As she explains, “For me Instagram has become a place where I can reach out to other moms, relate to them, sympathize with them, a place where I know I’m not alone in the daily struggles of being a stay-at-home mother.”


Creating Flower Petal Art with @lovelimzy

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"I believe art is not meant to be found only on walls or in high-end galleries," says Malaysian Instagrammer Lim Zhi Wei, who goes by Limzy (@lovelimzy) as an artist in Singapore. Soon after she started using Instagram, Limzy began to think of her Instagram account as a small gallery for her artwork that she could curate herself.

Limzy’s art is a combination of hand-drawn illustrations and random objects from stones and leaves to cereal and stationary. Her most recent series combines watercolor illustrations with flower petals, an idea she came up with as a birthday gift for her grandmother. “I pressed some rose petals and made her a bookmark with a painted girl wearing a petal dress. That’s how the floral works started,” she reflects. For Limzy, the most important elements in her photos are natural lighting and a piece of white paper. She often rushes home from work to complete and capture her project before sunset.

As a full-time art teacher until last year, Limzy missed days where she could sit and paint for hours. She says her projects have allowed her to create art in simple, fun and quick ways, and Instagram became a complementary element in her work. Her photos preserve the flowers at their freshest and also allow her to share her creativity to a broad group of people. She asserts, “Photography is amazing in that it acts like a time capsule to freeze that moment.”